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Lead Software Engineer

South Florida Tech Hub

South Florida Tech Hub

Software Engineering
north miami, fl, usa
Posted on Friday, February 9, 2024

Envonics is an Ag-Tech startup focused on redefining the scope of possibilities with closed-loop CEA systems through innovative product development. Envonics vision is to provide humanity with access to food through efficient, sustainable agriculture practices.

Envonics is currently looking for a well-rounded Software Developer to join their founding product development team. As a founding member, you would have the opportunity to take over several responsibilities pertaining to software development, such as Firmware development, IoT Integration and Data Science projects. Some of the key expectations include; developing libraries from scratch, writing robust firmware, integrating hardware, troubleshooting scripts, etc. We are looking for someone who can wear multiple hats to begin with, and then expand his/her own team as the company grows. This is a great opportunity, a fast growing position, and comes with a lot of responsibilities, only apply to this position if you think you can meet the expectations.

We are an early-stage startup looking for talented individuals who are inspired by our vision for the future. Being a member of a startup requires not only skills and motivation but most importantly the gritty mentality that everything is possible if you apply consistent effort. Applying to this position shows that you are willing to be part of the Founding Team and not just another “Employee”, knowing that you are expected to make sacrifices along the way to push the company forward. You should be inspired to be part of the Agricultural Revolution and work with Envonics to make revolutionary changes within the industry. If you think this is something for you, we are looking for you.

What Will You Do in Your Role:

  • Embedded software development (Using C++)
  • Python programming language
  • Data processing and management
  • IoT integration
  • Grow plants
  • Grow yourself
  • Have fun

The Experience You Bring:

  • BS, MS, or PHD in Computer Science or the equivalent
  • Experience in Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Data Science experience is a plus for this position
  • Experience in horticulture is preferred but not required

What Will Put You Ahead:

  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Organized, self-starter
  • Accountable
  • Interest in Vertical farming, Hydroculture, and Agriculture Technology industry


Vested equity based on years of experience, scope, and time commitment towards the startup.
As the startup grows, an opportunity for a salary to be determined later.