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Lead Front End Software Development Engineer - REMOTE

South Florida Tech Hub

South Florida Tech Hub

Software Engineering
Posted on Friday, February 9, 2024

This is a 100% fully remote role. Work virtually from anywhere in the U.S.

Varis is a well-funded and fast-growing technology startup. Our incredible team includes top industry leaders with decades of experience. We are innovation driven, customer centric, and ready to transform eProcurement. Our culture is focused on bold vision, launching the simplest (yet still valuable) initial solution to learn, then either failing or scaling fast. We seek teammates who drive value creation, are great problem solvers, have strong interpersonal savvy, and can successfully learn on the fly! Joining us now is a ground-floor opportunity to shape our limitless future. On our team you will: see and feel the direct impact of your work; be surrounded by passionate people; learn how to be an entrepreneur; and be at the center of a highly dynamic business model with tremendous individual and collective potential.

As a Lead Front-End Software Development Engineer (SDE), you will be an integral team member of our innovative Product & Technology organization, contributing greatly to this pivotal transformation in the B2B space. Leverage your strong knowledge of React.js, modern JavaScript (ES6+), HTML and CSS to provide our business customers with stable, robust, aesthetic and maintainable products. Put your solid understanding of the modern web development toolchain to the challenge, utilizing build tools and transpilers. Build high-quality user-facing components and implement them with different workflows and toolchests such as Redux.

Primary Responsibilities:

Create new features or parts of internal/user facing applications, with the end user in mind providing the best experience
2. Develop components and libraries that are reusable and future-proof
3. Confident in using UI/UX designs or wireframes to create the respective code and the application for multiple browsers
4. Uses knowledge on React.js and its lifecycle to maximize components performance across different devices and browsers
5. Partners with technology teams throughout the organizations to build best-in-class customer experiences
6. Focus on professional development through our wide array of learning opportunities for continued growth within the Office Depot team

Education & Experience

Level of Formal Education: Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience
Area of Study: Graduate degree preferred

Years of Experience: Minimum 7 years experience in related field
Type of Experience: Experience in hands-on front end development (Javascript, HTML, CSS)
Experience in partnering cross-functionally across an organization.

Skills and Ability:

• Solid understanding of React.js and its fundamentals, including modern features like hooks; hands on experience required


5-7+ years’ hands-on front-end development.
Command of JavaScript (including ECMAScript, OOP, DOM & Shadow DOM), HTML and CSS/SCSS coding languages to create responsive UIs.
Working knowledge of React.js, including modern features like hooks, server side rendered React.js, isomorphic React.js, Next.js and redux- or saga-thunk state management tools.
Adept with RESTful APIs.
Familiarity with Webpack, Babel, NPM or other modern front-end build pipelines and tools.
Practical expertise with Git source code management.
Experience with JavaScript unit testing frameworks such as Jest, Enzyme, Mocha, and Chai.
Knowledge of Node.js is preferred. TypeScript, Storybook, automated testing is a plus.
Comfortable in agile work environments, partnering cross-functionally across an organization.
Ability to build frontends for multiple browsers while understanding their limitations. Mastery of overall browser rendering behavior, measuring and optimizing performance.
Ability to transfer business and stakeholder needs into a development project.
Detail-oriented team player with strong communication skills.
Personal Attributes:

Team player
Detail orientated
Strong communicator