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Dublin, Ireland · Miami, FL, USA


Information Technology · Security · Software


1001-5000 employees



founded in


[Kaseya]( is a leading provider of IT automation software for IT service providers and public and private sector IT organizations. Kaseya's IT automation platform allows IT professionals to proactively monitor, manage and maintain distributed IT infrastructures remotely, easily and efficiently with one integrated Web based platform. Kaseya's integrated web based platform is complete, powerful, secure and easy to deploy and administer. The Kaseya managed service platform is designed for IT administrators who need to reduce complexity, and increase productivity and managed service providers that want to pass those benefits to their customers and increase their own profit margins. **Features:** Our [IT Automation Software]( is easy to integrate and implement. The software saves users time and increases staff productivity of businesses. This decreases production errors and increases productivity, allowing users to focus their time on the needs of their clients. Kaseya gives businesses the tools and technology to completely automate and improve their IT services. Kaseya's K2 **Patch Management Software** can eliminate time-consuming tasks such as updating and securing networks in multiple locations and domains. With K2, IT Professionals will be able to automatically keep servers, workstations and remote computers updated with the latest security patches and software updates. Our patch management feature is able to make automatic and recurring patch scans, approve or deny patches, automate easy, and fast patch deployment, interactively manage patches, flexibly configure patch management, and give comprehensive, scheduled reports. With Kaseya's [Audit and Inventory]( feature you are able to track every system you are managing. With this feature we are able to work with inventory quickly with every workstation and mobile computer on each network. Tracking every system can be done remotely at any location. The Audit and Inventory feature lets you have complete hardware and software inventory across the network. Kaseya's [System Monitoring Software]( provides user defined monitoring for all the managed systems on the user's network. With the help of automated alerts, the user receives instant notification of changes and/or problems. The easy and fast set-up gets the software up and running in minutes with no software to install. It monitors servers, workstations, remote computers, Windows Event Logs, and applications. The software's automated LAN discovery and comprehensive reports keep the organization running smoothly and help ensure network security and productivity. Our **PC Remote Access** with Live Connect is a fast and secure solution for any network's machines. IT professionals can access servers and workstations with ease without affecting the productivity of other users. Kaseya works on a web based management platform which allows a single machine to have full control over all end points. Live Connect has the tools to do anything and everything with an agent directly. Kaseya provides [Remote Backup Software]( and disaster recovery for servers, desktops, and workstations. Our remote backup software offers protection, security, and a peace of mind for businesses that want to ensure the recover-ability of their electronic data. Our backup provides real-time programmed disk remote backup, file level remote backup, disk imaging, monitoring, and bare metal restore. Our **Endpoint Security Software** advises your system's spyware and adware to review any unwanted applications. For example if there is something detected and pops up as a warning, anti-virus software will block and remove access to that specific program. The Kaseya **IT Management Monitoring Platform** provides proactive, user defined monitoring with instant notification of problems or changes. Receive a system alert when critical servers go down, users alter their configuration or a possible security threat occurs. We provides IT Professionals with the tools they need to proactively manage their systems and keep the organization running efficiently. With Kaseya's [Remote Control Software]( IT professionals can quickly access servers, workstations and mobile computers. Kaseya G1 is able to work behind firewalls and NAT as well. The remote control software can increase productivity and responsiveness by allowing access to computers from anywhere with a standard web browser. Kaseya's [Desktop Migration]( feature gives users a 3-step process in order to swap users on an existing computer. Kaseya desktop migration backs up all files, restores previous account information, and migrates single users or multiple users for one machine or many machines on a scheduled basis. Kaseya users never need to wonder what state each machine is in during the migration process.

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