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Regular Scalar Developer

DApp360 Workforce

DApp360 Workforce

This job is no longer accepting applications

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Software Engineering
Florida, USA
Posted on Sunday, January 21, 2024
Here’s a chance to join a company that has been building innovative startups in Blockchain, Fintech and Big Data for more than 10 years. The company is a venture builder with experience founding companies that succeed in the marketplace. Forbes and Newsweek have written about their projects. Methodology Work according to the Kanban method. We have daily project meetings held in a lounge format to share knowledge between members of the different projects. We work on a particular microservice is usually done in small teams of at least two people.

Programming language: Scala

Communication: Slack, Discord

Workflow management: Jira

Documentation: Confluence

Repository: Bitbucket

Monitoring: Grafana, Kibana

Infrastructure: Docker, Kubernetes, Microservices, GCP Your responsibilities will include:

developing services according to best practices while maintaining high code quality, maintaining services in production, supporting in the software development process - research, conceptualization, implementation, managing the documentation of solutions, working with the other teams including the front-end team,

QA Module Testing, Coordinating Work With Supervisors, Attending Meetings In a "the Daily" Format, Adherence To And Implementation Of Best Practices, Reviewing The Work Of Other Developers, Conducting Training For Other Developers. What We Expect From You

very good knowledge of Scala, at least 2 years experience in developing and building microservices (REST), at least one year of experience working with Scala, experience working on projects that have been released to production, good knowledge of technologies such as:

SQL (optimally PostgreSQL), message broker (Kafka, Nats),


Git, Knowledge Of At Least One Of The Technologies



Cats Effect Familiarity With The Concept Of Functional Programming, Knowledge Of Debugging, Monitoring And Optimizing Application Performance, Knowledge Of The Concepts Of Multithreading And Distributed Computing, Understanding Of The Principles Of CI / CD, Good Command Of Written And Spoken English. Welcome

knowledge of stream processing (Akka Streams / FS2 / ZIO Streams)

experience with NoSQL databases (Cassandra), knowledge of Redis, knowledge of the event sourcing pattern, understanding of the business assumptions of the product, experience with code instrumentation, experience working with Prometheus, Grafana, experience working with tools: Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, experience in developing applications from the FinTech sector, Career Path

Medium Scala Developer

— programming, participating in the creation of a product concept and planning its development.

Senior Scala Developer

— programming, participating in the creation of a product concept and planning its development on a senior position.

Tech Lead

— making technological decisions in a particular module, assigning tasks in a team working with a particular module.

Head of Development

— full responsibility for the architecture, the whole life cycle of the system and teamwork in the project. Understanding of business requirements and ability to translate them into architecture. Prioritization of tasks, leading to deliberate build and elimination of technical debt.

This job is no longer accepting applications

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