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Coordinator of Clerkships and Graduate Placement

Barry University

Barry University

Miami Shores, FL, USA
Posted on Tuesday, May 14, 2024


Barry University, School of Podiatric Medicine department is currently seeking a Coordinator of Clerkships and Graduate Placement. This fulltime position is responsible for the coordination of students on Clerkship and serving as a liaison between CASPR/CRIP and the Barry University School of Podiatric Medicine, securing fully executed affiliation agreements with Hospitals during student clerkship/rotations and providing credentialing to external hospitals for alumni. The position also provides operational support and administrative assistant to the Associate Dean of Clinical Education for the School of Podiatric Medicine.

Essential Functions

Clerkship Responsibilities:

  • Provides professional and administrative support managing the day-to-day operations of 4th year students going to clerkship program(s).
  • Obtains and verifies the 4th year clerkship rotation schedules and clinical site schedules. Resolves scheduling conflicts to ensure each student’s schedule meets his/her clerkship requirements for graduation.
  • Assists in the coordination and delivery of the Clerkship Orientation and CRIP orientation at the beginning and middle of the 3rd year.
  • Facilitates the Clinical Site Orientations at the beginning of each clerkship rotation.
  • Serves as a liaison between UCF COM and the varied clinical sites where clerkships are occurring.
  • Facilitates student and faculty access to the on-line scheduling, evaluation and advising software system of CASPR/CRIP.
  • Assists students with questions and concerns related to the clerkships and to clinical site policies and procedures.
  • Coordinates the collection, tracking, reporting and verification of evaluations for clerkship programs using an on-line database.
  • Assists with changes to be completed for each clerkship by the Associate Dean of Clinical Education at the hospitals where the students are doing their rotation
  • Ensures that the Associate Dean of Clinical Education is apprised of any unusual or untoward student evaluation.
  • Facilitates the completion of compliance packets with hospitals for students to complete while on clerkship and home month.
  • Provides letters of good standing and the verification of student compliance with immunization and background, OSHA/HIPPA etc.
  • Establishes and maintains credentialing of Senior Clinical Instructors. This includes obtaining license, malpractice insurance certificate, CV and completion of our BUSPM Clinical Instructor agreement.

Residency Placement Responsibilities:

  • Provides valuable resources to assist students through the residency application process.
  • Ensures all documents are submitted –i, e. Electronic Residency application service, as well as letters of recommendation, licensing examination score Transcript, composite clinical evaluation, CV, photo, application fee, etc.
  • Provides different supporting websites for information regarding application guidelines.
  • Provides mock interview opportunities for senior class in preparation for Crip interviews in January.
  • Manages the digital upload of summary evaluations and transcripts to CASPR/CRIP.
  • Monitors class participation in CASPR/CRIP and follow-ups with missing students as needed.
  • Oversees the placement of unmatched (for residency) students during the “Scramble.”
  • Requests, tabulates and provides statistics and residency placement status of each graduate.
  • Prepares, maintains and counsels senior and junior students’ selection and reselection of their clerkship schedule, which consists of month-long experiences in hospital residency programs throughout the country during most of their senior year.

Affiliation Agreements and Report:

  • Prepares and oversees the full execution of affiliation agreements between Barry University School and Hospitals/Clinics that our students go to
  • Contacts external site and either use SPM affiliation agreement or the external site affiliation agreement fill in the required information.
  • Coordinates the full execution of affiliation agreements with legal affairs and to be reviewed and approved by the Provost.
  • If changes are required, contact the external site and act as a liaison until the agreement is fully executed.
  • Upload fully executed agreement into BUSPM Sharepoint.
  • Continually review affiliation agreements to ensure they are renewed in a timely manner
  • Complete any report as requested by AACPM/SASPR office.
  • Prepare reports/data for Dean and Associate Clinical Dean as requested on students in terms of residency placement.

Verification of Attendance at University/Credentialing Responsibilities:

  • Process requests from hospitals or other credentialing agencies to verify commencement information date of graduation for residency and job placement.

Clerkship Directors:

  • Maintain file of all clerkship directors
  • Develop personal contacts with residency directors and keep abreast of all staff changes in Clerkship directors and ancillary staff
  • Attend annual meeting in Frisco, TX of other Podiatric Clerkship Directors.
  • At this meeting attendees brainstorm on the past year, plan for the future and primarily assist and provide a presence to our senior students who are there for their Residency Interviews.

Residency Fair/ Residency Round table:

  • Coordinates with the sophomore class president in organizing the annual residency fair and assist in the selection of invited programs/hospitals.
  • Coordinates with the office of the Associate Dean of Clinical Education is organizing the annual Residency Roundtable.
  • Introduce themselves and their hospital program to the students. These annual events bring together hospital program directors from all over the country (and locally in terms of the roundtable).


  • Bachelor’s degree in any field required.
  • 1-3 years of experience.
  • Ability to make logistical decisions and solve problems, and can successfully provide a wide array of complex and diverse support services
  • Must be able to plan, coordinate and manage time effectively and with limited supervision.
  • Must have strong organizational skills.
  • Must be proficient with computer applications as they relate to the scope of the position.
  • Skills such that candidate is effective at administrative practices and procedures including record-keeping, typing etc.
  • Must be able to multi-task and to switch from task to task with ease.
  • Must have excellent written and oral communication skills in order to communicate effectively with individuals.
Benefits: Barry University offers a comprehensive benefits package to full-time employees that includes health, dental, vision, life insurance, retirement, tuition assistance, paid time off and work/life balance initiatives such as wellness programs, spirituality in the workplace, and training and development.

Barry University is an Equal Opportunity Employer, committed to a diverse and inclusive work environment.