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Lead Instructor_

4Geeks Academy

4Geeks Academy

Latambarcem, Goa, India · United States · Spain · Europe · Remote
Posted on Tuesday, February 27, 2024
  • The Lead Instructor is responsible for leading the classes within the classroom.

  • 1. Set the rhythm of the class, put the pressure and deadlines on the students and make sure your cohort is on schedule

  • 2. Prepare your classes and make sure the projects, instructions, and exercises are properly explained and followed by the students.

  • 3. Identifying areas of improvement on the syllabus, tutorials, exercises or projects.

  • 4. Make sure students are not stuck for a long period of time (minutes instead of hours or days).

  • 5. Leading the teacher assistants in helping you with answering questions and reviewing the exercises.

Technical requirements
  • 1. You must be a senior developer with years of experience.

  • 2. Advanced understanding of HTML and CSS: CSS Selectors, Pseudo-selectors and Specificity, Display, Position, Flex, Bootstrap, etc.

  • 3. Deep understanding of Javascript ES2017 concepts: Looping with or without mutations (for, while, forEach, map, reduce, etc.), Classes vs Functions, Data Structures, Object Literals, Events, working with the DOM.

  • 4. Experience with React.js: The majority of the front-end coding is based on React.js, you need to understand Flux, Context API, Component Lifecycle, etc.

  • 5. API consumption: Use of fetch, consuming REST API's, async/await, Promises, JSON, serialization, etc.

  • 6. Python and Django knowledge: Develop API's with django-rest or Flask framework.

  • 1. Part time: 3 classes weekly, 9 hours per week, 18 weeks. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm (It depends on the time zone of each country)

  • 2. Full time: 4 classes weekly, 9 weeks