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Director of Professional and Clinical Practice of Social Work

Barry University

Barry University

Miami Shores, FL, USA
Posted on Tuesday, April 2, 2024


This position serves as the administrator of the Office of Professional and Clinical Practice of Social Work, (formerly known as Field Education Program), supervises assigned personnel, and oversees the contractual agreements with internship agencies. This position is responsible for the certification and recertification of all internship agencies, training and supervision of Clinical Practice Advisors and Clinical Practice Educators, ensuring quality placement of students, building community relations, and ensuring full compliance with the Program’s accrediting body. Provides related reports.

Essential Functions

Administrative oversight of the day to day operations and all administrative functions and tasks related to Field Education which includes:

  • Supervises assigned employees and adjunct faculty .

  • Evaluates performance of assigned employees and adjunct faculty serving as field advisers.

  • Interviews and hires Field Advisors; interviews and recommends for hiring employees assigned to the office of Field Education; provide related evaluation, guidance and support to employees.

  • Updates and facilitates training for associate directors, and designs and assists in the facilitation of training to Clinical Practice Educators and Clinical Practice Advisors.

  • Organizes and provides clinical supervision training and certification of Clinical Practice Educators.

  • Ensures the accurate maintenance of student placements at approved affiliations.

  • Develops tracking systems and oversees the management of all licensure requests ensuring accuracy and timeliness of responses.

Oversees the development and maintenance of affiliation agreements and all procedures associated with field placement which includes:

  • Reviews and approves internship sites.

  • Prepares and submits for approval all affiliation agreements.

  • Oversees tracking systems that provides for the consistent renewal of affiliation agreements; provides for the discontinuation of services with field agencies as needed. Oversees and consistently evaluates the performance of field agencies. Consults with the University’s Legal Affairs office regarding affiliation agreements.

  • Monitors affiliates’ compliance to University policies, terms of the agreement and develop procedures to ensure compliance with accrediting body and support of School guidelines, standards, and procedures.

  • Serves as liaison between the School of Social Work and internship agencies; resolves internship placement issues involving students and agency.

  • Obtains and consistently reviews the performance of students at internship agencies, the learning experience of the students and the working experience of the Clinical Practice Educator and Clinical Practice Advisor, providing recommendations as needed for programmatic or procedural changes, and/or improvement of outcomes; ensures the posting of all related data.

Oversees the learning experiences of students and providing opportunities for students to extend their learning:

  • Serves as the instructor of all field education courses for BSW and MSW programs.

  • Reviews the individual performance of each student as presented by evaluations from the Clinical Practice Educator, reviews the recommendations from the Clinical Practice Advisor, and assign grades to each student enrolled in Field Education courses.

  • Facilitates the process for grade appeals, grievances, changes in clinical rotations/internships, core performance evaluations, exceptions to School guidelines and standards, and all other academic issues associated with students enrolled in Field Education courses; consults with the respective program directors, associate directors, and academic advisors, as needed. Designs, organizes, and implements extended learning experiences of students that supports their internship and classroom experiences.

  • Hosts periodic meetings with students to discuss field experiences and challenges.

Performs other related administrative duties including:

  • Preparation and submission of budget for Office of Professional and Clinical Practice.

  • Prepares and submits reports.

  • Produces each year student handbook and updates the to the graduate and undergraduate catalog.

  • Actively attends program planning meetings with other program directors; assist in the implementation of planning agenda .

  • Attends Curriculum Committee meetings; develops all courses for field education and makes recommendations for amendments; consults with faculty as needed.

  • Supports all efforts for marketing, recruitment, and retention Attends conferences designed to advance employee’s knowledge and skills in this area of work.

  • Attends all student events, including graduation ceremonies and new student orientation.

  • Attends all other meetings, including but not limited to Professional Development Planning Committee, Administrative Council, and School Council. Designs and assists in the delivery of student field education and campus-based curriculum.

  • Other related duties.

  • This position is responsible for assisting in the orientation of new full time and adjunct faculty, attends all faculty and administratively council meetings; arranges two School Advisor Council meetings each year for the dean; accepts other assignments as assigned by the dean and/or associate dean.

  • This position receives work assignments primarily from the supervisor/manager.

  • Supervises work of others, including planning, assigning, scheduling and reviewing work, ensuring quality standards. Is responsible for hiring, terminating, training and developing, reviewing performance and administering corrective action for staff. Plans organizational structure and position content.


  • Master's degree in Social Work is required.

  • 3-5 years of work related experience is required.

  • Comprehensive knowledge of theories, concepts and practices and ability to use in complex, difficult and/or unprecedented situations.

  • Analyze program assessment data & make recommendations

  • Develop multiple projects and manage all program processes as required by the School, University, and the accrediting body.

  • Word, Office Excel, Blackboard, WebAdvisor, SSW Online Records, Skype, Sharepoint, PowerPoint .

  • Scheduling appointments, typing correspondence, making appropriate referrals.

  • Prepare comprehensive reports, professional correspondence, public speaking, lectures.

  • Quality field internship programming and placement opportunities to extend knowledge of community practice and promote social justice.

  • Decisions have major implications on the management and operations of an area within a department. Position may contribute to important strategy, operational and business decisions that affect the department.

  • Problems are varied, requiring analysis or interpretation of the situation. Problems are solved using knowledge and skills, and general precedents and practices.

  • Results are defined and existing practices are used as guidelines to determine specific work methods and carries out work activities independently; supervisor/manager is available to resolve problems.

    Benefits: Barry University offers a comprehensive benefits package to full-time employees that includes health, dental, vision, life insurance, retirement, tuition assistance, paid time off and work/life balance initiatives such as wellness programs, spirituality in the workplace, and training and development.

    Barry University is an Equal Opportunity Employer, committed to a diverse and inclusive work environment.